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June 20, 2017

Op-Ed: Illinois Has Pushed Our Most Vulnerable Further Into Obscurity

Executive Director Kirstin Chernawsky points out that the real victims of the Illinois budget crisis continue to be the state's most vulnerable.

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June 5, 2017

Know Your Rights Trainings Aim to Support Immigrant Community

Through its Community Navigators program, Erie House delivered critical knowledge and resources to more than 700 residents last month. More »

Committed to Families

Whether it be children, adults or the entire family unit, our programs are designed to holistically meet the needs of today's diverse family.  

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Future of Promise

Meet Brianna Vargas-Gonzalez, a college-bound senior who began coming to Erie House at age 2, who shared her inspiring story at our 2017 Future of Promise awards dinner on March 16. Learn how the Expanded Learning Programs for Children and Youth have made an impact on her life and how we are preparing an entire generation of future leaders in the community.

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One Chicago

One Chicago

Erie House is proud to be a partner in One Chicago. Established in 2017 to unify all Chicagoans as one city and one voice and created by the Chicago is With You Task Force, the One Chicago campaign facilitates access to resources and support for Chicago’s residents, including its immigrant and refugee communities.

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