“Supporting the work of Erie House is an investment in stronger, more vibrant communities across the city of Chicago.”

Kirstin Chernawsky
Executive Director

91% of your investment directly goes towards our award-winning programs

At Erie House, we are continuously expanding the scope of our community involvement. It's not an option—it’s a priority. To keep from limiting the availability of our programs,  we rely on the support of our investors, who act as the essential building blocks to our mission of building strong communities and creating a pathway to success for over 5,000 people each year.

Top 25 nonprofit organization based on financial health and return on investment.

Better Business Bureau

Accredited in the Charity Report Index of the Better Business Bureau.


Erie House Overview

Quick Facts

Founded in 1870 

$7,848,485  (FY15)

Over 5,000 people annually

Erie House's board of directors is comprised of civic, business, and religious leaders.

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