Workforce Development

Skills training that makes anything possible.

To help improve the lives of our community members and their families, we launched Pathways to Success (PTS)—a workforce training and career preparation program.

Since 2007, PTS has been helping our Adult program participants bridge the gap between education and the workforce by empowering hundreds to improve their literacy, become proficient in new technology and ultimately earn certification in desirable fields, like healthcare, manufacturing and technology.

Achieving long-term employment and livable wages is no longer just a dream for many of our participants—it’s a real opportunity—because the skills and training they receive open new doors and make it possible.  See to see how Workforce Development achieves these goals, see what Workforce Development offers: 

Manufacturing: Bridge to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Career -- West Town

Erie’s Manufacturing Bridge class targets the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinist occupation. Students may choose other careers in manufacturing for their advanced training as well. This 14-week integrated training module prepares participants for an advanced training Certification Program as well as for entry level jobs that will lead to advanced hands-on training in the field.

Healthcare: Bridge to Medical Assistant Careers -- West Town and Little Village

Erie’s Health Care Bridge class targets the Medical Assistant profession. However, students may choose other careers in the Allied Health Care field. This is an intensive 20 weeks program in which participants improve their reading, writing and math skills through contextualized health care training that prepares them to pass placement exams for advanced training programs.

Technology -- West Town

Erie Neighborhood House offers computer classes at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, including hardware. Basic computer classes are taught in Spanish. Participants learn technology skills needed for their everyday life, such as using internet, as well as skills that help broaden their employment opportunities, such as how to create documents and work with spreadsheets.


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The Basics


Vary depending on program.  Please refer to individual programs pages. 


Jesús Rodriguez
Workforce Development Job Developer

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