9 Voices: The Childhood of a Family

April 28, 2014 | Chicago, IL

On April 17th, Pam Cullerton and her siblings Zach Wilson, Paul Wilson and Rebecca Wilson, came to Erie Neighborhood House’s Templeton Hall to share their book, 9 Voices: The Childhood of a Family, which they co-wrote with their five other siblings. Erie House was thrilled to help tell their story and honored to have Pam’s husband – Illinois Senate President John Cullerton – introduce the Wilson clan.

The extraordinary book is organized into chapters written by each of the nine siblings with an additional chapter by a close family friend. The siblings each told the story of their surprising childhood from their own perspectives. The brothers and sisters share many of the same family memories but the contrast in the stories comes from their age and chronological place in the family.

The book takes you through growing up in 1950s all the way through growing up in the 1970s in America. As a reader, you can see how the dynamic of the family changes and the focus of their responsibility to the home and devotion to the family evolve with the times.

At the signing, over 50 guests gathered in Templeton to support the siblings and hear the journey of this astonishing family. A riveting Q & A session followed, divulging more of the family’s adventures and the details of the writing process. The event ended with all four siblings signing books, where they generously donated a portion of the proceeds back to Erie House.

Click here to purchase your own copy of 9 Voices: The Childhood of a Family.



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