A New Year, A New Beginning

January 25, 2011 | Chicago, IL

Celena Roldán began her tenure at Erie House in 2001 as our State Pre-K Head Start Social Worker and Disabilities Coordinator in Erie's Child Care program and became Erie House's Director of Child Care in 2006.

Previously, Celena served as a social worker at one of Erie's community partner agencies, Casa Central, where she actively assisted homeless families resolve the financial, educational, and social issues that contributed to their homeless situation. She also acted as a youth program coordinator for the children living at Casa Central ages six to fifteen.

Throughout her work at Erie House, Celena continuously advocates for policies which strengthen the child care field’s provision of affordable and quality child care services.

An address by Erie Neighborhood House's Executive Director:

CHICAGO-- January 25, 2011, Happy New Year from Erie House! This month is a milestone for me because it marks one year since becoming the Executive Director of Erie Neighborhood House but more importantly it starts a new year of opportunities and service to our community.

Two weeks ago, I was in Springfield for the Governor’s Inauguration and despite our state’s incredible deficit and financial challenges, there was a bipartisan spirit of optimism and hope and the urgency to move forward and fix our state’s finances. While there has a been a lot of mixed sentiment about the recent tax increase, for Erie House and human services this has been a tremendous effort and collaboration of many advocates, educators, and legislators, to try and finally address the backwards tax system that Illinois has had in place for many years. In comparison with other states, Illinois is still paying much less in individual state taxes. Illinois is going up from 3% to 5% but that is still less than the 5.8 to 7% taxes that Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kentucky all pay each year. The revenue increase was needed because it essentially allows the state to keep its promise to providers by finally paying its bills, maintaining vital state services such as education, repairs the state’s credit rating, creates jobs, and finally puts Illinois on a track of financial responsibility and accountability.

We are very grateful to those legislators who had the courage to do the right thing and support this new tax increase to make sure education and human services are protected.

Celena Roldán
Executive Director
Erie Neighborhood House


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