Craig Castelli Invests in Neighborhood, Joins Erie House Board

July 22, 2015 | Chicago, IL

Craig CastelliThis spring Erie Neighborhood House welcomed Craig Castelli, founder and CEO of Caber Hill Advisors, to its Board of Directors. He joins Exelon communications executive Laura Duda as the most recent additions to the council of business and community leaders appointed to oversee the nonprofit organization.

He brings with him a strong business background and the experience of having established his own firm from the ground up. “I left another small firm to build Caber Hill the way I thought was the right way to run a company,” he says of the endeavor. Today Caber Hill Advisors addresses a perceived void of qualified, experienced advisory firms aimed at serving small- to medium-sized businesses.

Craig, who lives with his wife and two children in Ukrainian Village, first encountered Erie House during his morning commute past the Erie Community Center location on Superior Street. The sight of family after family arriving in the morning to drop their children off at preschool piqued his curiosity, and soon he signed up to sponsor a few neighborhood children in the annual Holidays with Heart gift drive.

He has served as a gift sponsor during the holidays ever since but sought to establish a more engaged presence at Erie House. “I had been looking to get involved in the work of a neighborhood organization,” says Craig.

He describes his reason for joining the Board of Directors as twofold: For one, he likes the idea of giving back to an agency that is truly local; second, he appreciates the family-focused efforts he has observed at Erie House. “It’s great to be able to physically see the impact an organization can have on kids and families right here in this community,” he explains.

On that note, Craig feels particularly drawn toward the work Erie House does with youth. “Erie House has the potential to influence kids who are at a turning point,” he says, “and steer them toward positive things rather than the alternative.” He adds that he also appreciates the holistic approach to education at Erie House, including its Health & Leadership program and the subsidiary Super-H initiative that teaches children about healthy eating.

A Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wis.) alumnus who grew up in the Detroit area and is now a Chicagoan, Craig is Midwest through and through. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, skiing and cooking, and he passionately follows Detroit sports teams and the Marquette basketball program.


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