Dear Woodward

August 22, 2012 | Chicago, IL

With funding from the National Council of La Raza, Erie'sYOU Program has been able to successfully emerge young teen minds to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

With eight of twelve STEM immersive workshops under their belts, teens have been exposed to engineers; architects; business analyst, etc.; their careers and the education needed to make their realities possible. Our bright and eager minds are looking at a wonderful future. The following letter was inspired by a recent workshop visit to Woodward, where Alan Rueda, a college bound freshman, learned about Woodward, their mission and the world of aeronautical engineering.

Dear Woodward:

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for you hosting one of Erie House’s STEM workshops. I guess I can begin by expressing my feelings towards your great company:

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit Woodward through a STEM workshop with Erie House. Looking at Woodward’s facilities and all of the offices was only a [small] portion of how I perceive the success of Woodward. The employees, who are also TEAM mentors, presented a PowerPoint about the different engineering controls of an airplane. Each person worked at a different job, and what caught my attention was that everyone plays an important role, because their work depends on one another.

Woodward demonstrates that it takes everyone to do their part to keep the company stable, a great example of team work. My favorite part of the trip was learning how to fly an airplane through a flight simulator at the flight control area. Flying an airplane was tougher than what I thought. You really had to understand what you’re doing if you want to work with airplanes.

I usually thought that all it took to be an engineer was only learning math and science -I was wrong. Woodward shows that you must know the smallest things - like knowing parts of a system - to the big things - like putting it all together and understanding what you’re doing. For those who want to study a career in engineering, make sure that you put as much effort to become a success. Thank you, Woodward, for setting up the STEM workshop.


Alan Rueda


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