"I Am A U.S. Citizen"

February 24, 2014 | Chicago, IL

Kadim Phillips was born in Saint Lucia, a small Caribbean island came to the United States in 2000. Kadim came to the United States to be with his father, a U.S. Citizen. When Kadim came to the United States he was “undocumented” and lived in fear of being deported. Upon his arrival in to the country, Kadim’s father filed for his son’s citizenship, but it was denied because he was overwhelmed by the citizenship application and what officials needed. The confusion led to incorrect filling of Kadim’s citizenship application. With one ditch effort, Kadim’s aunt, Erica Myles, came to Erie House. The Phillip’s family quest to settle Kadim’s citizenship status had prompted them to speak to several organizations, attorneys and which only frustrated the whole process. There had been a lot of bitterness in the family with how Kadim was treated and it had torn the family apart.

In 2013, Kadim’s aunt called Erie House asking for an appointment to discuss his options. Erie House’s Citizenship and Immigration staff sat down with her and explained that Kadim was a U.S. citizen since the day he was born; Erie just had to prove it. With a glimmer of hope, the Phillips family began to collect all the documents that were needed from Kadim and his father to prove his case. The application for citizenship was sent and approved 3 months later. Today, Kadim is a documented U.S. citizen and looking forward to being able to go to college.

Kadim’s Aunt Testimonial:

Dear Jennifer,

Words cannot express how much my family appreciates the assistance you provided. You are so knowledgeable, patient, dedicated and professional. We were frustrated with this process by the time we came to you. You made everything so much easier. I wish we could offer more, but please accept this token of our appreciation. Please show this card to your supervisor and post it on the wall for your clients and everyone to see how valuable the services offered by Erie House (and you) are to the community.


Erica E. Myles


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