Kahlil Hogan Looks Forward to Getting Involved through New Role on Erie House Board

November 1, 2016 | Chicago, IL

kahlil hogan

Rich connections and the opportunity to serve pave the way for Kahlil Hogan, principal at VistaNational, to volunteer at Erie House.

For Kahlil Hogan, getting involved can go a long way toward making a difference.

The principal and director of operations at VistaNational Insurance Group recently joined the board of directors at Erie Neighborhood House, and he looks forward to finding new ways to engage in the mission of the nonprofit organization.

Kahlil first encountered Erie House through the parent of one of his son’s classmates, who just so happened to be then executive director Celena Roldán.

He later learned that a good friend, WWM Investments managing partner Paul Gassel, had joined the Erie House board.

By then, his interest was sufficiently piqued.

“There were just a lot of connections. Hearing Paul and Celena talk about the work being done at Erie House made a difference,” Kahlil recalls thinking at the time. “It seemed like a great organization to get involved with.”

Kahlil decided to bring his kids to Erie House to volunteer as a family in order to get a closer look.

“We came to the preschool and helped out in the classrooms,” he says, explaining that he has made a commitment to get his children involved in volunteer work. “It’s important for them to be able to see the rest of the world and help others who might be less fortunate and don’t have the same opportunities.”

Their experience at Erie House lived up to the billing.

“I left wanting to be part of the work that is happening at Erie House,” says Kahlil, who lives with his family in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood. “We’re happy to support a cause like this.”

Kahlil’s experience is not atypical, according to executive director Kirstin Chernawsky. “There is something special that happens when someone is able to volunteer and witness firsthand the impact that is taking place at Erie House,” she says.

She adds that she is excited to have Kahlil join the board of directors. “Kahlil has a strong track record of success at VistaNational and brings an excellent leadership skill set,” she says. “He is a great addition to our board.”

Kahlil says he is particularly keen on the comprehensive, wrap-around approach to education and empowerment Erie House provides.

“I like that Erie House starts with early childhood education and extends on through college and career services for adults,” he says, noting that the network of programs provides a solid foundation for success. “All of the facets are really important.”


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