Parent Council Fiesta

March 26, 2014 | Chicago, IL


In a recruitment strategy by Erie Neighborhood House’s Parent Council —a parent-centric advocacy group, in which, members organize around Erie-specific issues that affect the entire community— it was decided to organize a fiesta to bring some new members into the fold. The Council decided it was time to bring up some of the newer parents that have been expressing interest in getting more involved with Erie House and the advocacy work it provides to the community.

In the past, the Parent Council had been very active with many different advocacy efforts at Erie, most notably a Town Hall event that they held 2 years ago to raise awareness of the necessity of child care funding in the State of Illinois. Local and state officials were invited to sit in a panel discussing the importance of child care subsidy for working parents. Since then, the Erie House Parent Council has setup phone banking and letter writing campaigns to communicate needs for child care and immigration reform.

Realizing that their power to advocate on behalf of their community is only as strong as their membership, the Parent Council began recruiting additional participants. Thursday, February 27, 2014 was the day they chose to invite parents from all Erie Programs to share a meal and learn about Parent Council.

A meal was cooked and dishes were brought to share by members of the Council. The motor skills room at the Erie Community Center located at 1701 W. Superior Street was setup up with streamers, piñatas and other party favors. About 60 parents came to the event, which was concluded with a raffle and music. During the fiesta, Parent Council members along with Celena Roldan-Moreno, Erie’s Executive Director, spoke about the importance of the voice of parents but also the voice of Erie Neighborhood House. Immigration, graduated income tax, and child care were all highlighted in the many presentations given that evening. The event attendees were very happy to learn about potential advocacy issues they could be working on with Erie House, but they also really enjoyed the festive atmosphere and loved the home cooked food. The event was a complete success and the Parent Council was able to gain new membership.


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