Success Story: Teresa Bosques

October 20, 2011 | Chicago, IL

Teresa Bosques started taking classes in our Technology Center located at Little Village ten months ago. She realized that she was behind on some basic computer knowledge when her job required her to use computers.

The following is her story of experiences and achievements as an Erie House participant:

A year ago, I heard my best friend talking about free computer programs offered to the public by Erie Neighborhood House. My best friend told me about her wonderful experience at Erie’s Technology Centers. I was very motivated thanks to her comments and a few days later I decided to call and seek information about the Computer Literacy Class. I spoke with Maria Serna and she explained to me that I had to wait until next semester because the classes had stared already one month earlier. When I heard that, I was very disappointed because I never thought that I would have to wait several months.

Finally, the month of January arrived, and I started my class. I was very excited and eager to learn. For me, it was very important to learn how to use a computer in order to advance and improve at work and in my general personal life. At work, I was only using the required software used by the company, but this was not enough to complete my work responsibilities. When I finally began computer classes, I realized this was a new world for me, which I like and has given me new ways of communication.

Today, I can use my computer at home. Before this class, I remember that I had to wait for my husband to come back from work (sometimes until late) to ask him for help on how to use the computer. Unfortunately, sometimes he was very tired and did not help me out. Now I can do it by myself! At work I feel more confident and secure, especially now that I’m working as a supervisor. I have a deep admiration and gratitude to my teacher Maria Serna. She is a dedicated and devoted instructor, and I felt free to ask questions, as she always helps us. Thanks Maria Serna and Erie Neighborhood House for changing my life.


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