Thank You, Senator Durbin

August 26, 2013 | Chicago, IL

Thank You, Senator Durbin

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) was welcomed at Erie Neighborhood House’s original settlement house location by over 100 people thanking the Senator for his steadfast commitment to DREAMers and his leadership in passing comprehensive immigration reform in the United States’ Senate.

Senator Durbin is the original author of the “DREAM” Act, which provides promising undocumented youth with a pathway to legal status. One year ago, President Obama’s executive order on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—modeled on Senator Durbin’s DREAM Act—went into effect.

Senator Durbin has been the driving force behind many positive developments in immigration reform over the last several years, including encouraging the Obama Administration to extend temporary legal status to DREAMers and working with the bipartisan “Group of Eight” to pass immigration reform in the Senate.

Celena Roldan, Executive Director of Erie Neighborhood House, spoke about Senator Durbin’s contributions to immigration reform, “On July 27, 2012, Senator Durbin was there to see through his promises and commitment to immigrant children and families, through a historic vote on comprehensive immigration reform. He was our champion that day just as he was our champion 12 years ago when he first introduced the DREAM act fighting for a young immigrant woman here in Chicago. Erie Neighborhood House was built on the strengths and contributions of the immigrant community and we are forever grateful to Senator Durbin for his dedication and leadership in making the dream of an immigration bill a reality. While we know there is still much work to do on Capitol Hill, we know that we are that much closer to a bill that accepts, includes, and promotes the contributions of the immigrant community because of Senator Durbin. As a pillar of our community, we trust Senator Durbin that comprehensive immigration reform will not fall by the wayside.”


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