YOU College Application Day

January 17, 2013 | Chicago, IL


On December 19th of 2012, TEAM celebrated its first annual College Application Day. This celebration is designed to acknowledge our seniors for their efforts in applying to college.

The main goal is to encourage all of our students to strive for higher education, and the best way to acknowledge their endeavors is to publicly recognize them at our program. To make this moment visual we created a poster big enough to be seen by everyone (4’ X 8’), with the words SUBMIT printed on it.

During the celebration every senior stood in front of the room and either the Director of the Program, Joshua Fulcher, or the Coordinator of TEAM, Maria Munoz, announced the various Colleges and Universities that the student has applied to. Then each student was able to get their own representation of a giant “mouse clicker”, with their name and the colleges they have applied to, in order to attach their clicker to the SUBMIT poster—thus hitting “Submit” for his/her college applications. This is significant for the student since it symbolized their final process of applying to College, which is submitting their application, and gave them praise for doing so. As a result everyone in TEAM, students, staff, and mentors, are able to witness and applaud their hard work and decision to go to college.


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