YOU STEM Visits Radius

November 21, 2012 | Chicago, IL

 Chicago, IL.—On Monday, November 12, 2012, the teens from Erie House’s Youth Options Unlimited Program participated in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workshop hosted by Radius, a design and development firm dedicated to creating and redesigning many types of products. Radius welcomed Erie Teens to see what they do. Radius is one of four of these types of firms in the world, two in the United States and two in Asia.

Erie students had the privilege to get a tour of the firm as well as have employees present some of their work. One of the Radius presenters, Ed Abante, is currently an Erie TEAM mentor on Wednesday nights. The presenters, engineers and industrial designers, talked about their process in finding and choosing their careers, which is one of the best ways to motivate our youth to aspire to a post-secondary education, especially in the STEM fields.

Students not only heard the experiences of each presenter, they also participated in a project, giving them the opportunity for some first-hand on experience. Students were given a task to design a new or to improve a set of headphones. The students worked in groups and developed ideas for specific parts of the project, such as how to make the headphones more comfortable and affordable. At the end, everyone was able to design and share their ideas. The students were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed the workshop!

Thank you, Radius for hosting Erie Neighborhood House and our Youth Options Unlimited teens!


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