Buen HOGAR: Erie's Key to a Good Home


July 25, 2012 | Chicago, IL

 Erie House is proud to announce the creation of its newest program, Buen HOGAR, a Latino outreach initiative in association with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). Erie’s long-standing service and presence in the Latino community provides an ideal platform for Buen HOGAR to provide housing services and resources.

While the program is open to all, Buen HOGAR promotes Latino participation by using a targeted marketing and communications strategy. Led by outreach coordinators Cristina De La Rosa and Evelyn Rodriguez, Buen HOGAR aims to provide education, assistance, and outreach in the Latino community to raise awareness of CHA services and programs.

“One of the biggest challenges is for people to know that assistance is available and we’re going to change that”, said Cristina.

Erie participants will receive assistance in completing housing applications, preparing CHA documentation, addressing changes in family composition and financial status, and submitting applications to participate in CHA programs. In addition, Buen HOGAR also serves as a connection to additional resources like foreclosure assistance, counseling, and landlord issues, “Our goal is to provide people with the resources they need, but may not know they have access to,” said Evelyn.

Buen HOGAR is the only bi-lingual service provider for CHA, placing them in a unique and crucial position. Language capacity is crucial to the success of outreach in the Latino community and Buen HOGAR provides Spanish-language assistance for CHA residents, families and seniors on CHA waitlists, seniors seeking housing assistance, and current and prospective CHA property owners.

On top of connecting participants with the resources they need, Buen HOGAR wants to reshape the way the public views CHA, especially property owners. While CHA is the largest network of rental properties in the city, there is always a need for more CHA eligible housing. To better educate current and prospective property owners, Buen HOGAR has created a summer workshop series dedicated to issues and questions that come with being a landlord.

As they continue to expand, Buen HOGAR plans to collaborate with other successful organizations. As they continue to learn from and build on the success of other organizations, Buen HOGAR will be better equipped to serve Latinos across the City of Chicago. “We want to position Erie House as a major resource for housing and housing services that fit the needs of the community,” said Evelyn.

Join Buen HOGAR for their final summer workshop on August 2nd, 2012 at the Little Village Chamber of Commerce. For more information visit or contact:

Cristina De La Rosa –Outreach Coordinator - West Town
(312) 432-8795
Evelyn Rodriguez –Outreach Coordinator - Little Village
(773) 277-0805

Erie Neighborhood House (ENH) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that reaches 18,000 people annually, empowering them to build better lives while strengthening their communities. ENH offers Chicago’s Latinx and diverse low-income residents a range of community-based education programs. With forward-thinking leadership, ENH is committed to continuing its legacy of cost effective, award-winning programming. For more information, please visit

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