Erie House Statement on United States v. Texas SCOTUS Hearing


April 18, 2016 | Chicago, IL

Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court’s decision on United States v. Texas is critically important to the immigrant community Erie House serves. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Today the Supreme Court of the United States begins hearing oral arguments for United States v. Texas, a lawsuit issued by 26 states that challenges President Obama’s November 2014 executive action on immigration.

The president’s action, known as administrative relief, was issued in the wake of repeated failures on the part of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. It expanded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and established Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) in order to shield families from being torn apart by deportations and refocus enforcement efforts.

The Supreme Court’s decision will directly impact an estimated 4 million individuals. It will also ultimately affect millions more when you consider the countless families and communities that are either preserved or torn apart, depending on the outcome of the decision.

At Erie Neighborhood House, we understand what is at stake.

We have worked alongside immigrants—innovative, hard-working, generous individuals—for the past 146 years. We have offered English classes and job skills training and watched immigrants achieve a better life for themselves and their families. We have helped undocumented youth apply for the DACA program, obtain work authorization, and graduate from college. We have delivered therapy and counseling services to immigrant families coping with the deportation of a loved one.

The outcome of United States v. Texas is critically important to the community we serve.

By upholding the president’s executive actions, the Supreme Court will be acting in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. It will also be morally right, preserving families and showing compassion to children and youth caught in the mess of a broken immigration system. Furthermore, enabling millions of immigrants to come out of the shadows will have tremendous societal impact, from increased tax revenue to securing a vital segment of our nation’s workforce.

Today, as we do every day at Erie House, we stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors. And even as we await the Supreme Court’s decision, we will continue advocating for more lasting change on behalf of the millions of immigrants living in the shadows. We have been waiting for far too long. It’s time for Congress to pass fair, comprehensive immigration reform.

Kirstin Chernawsky
Executive Director, Erie Neighborhood House

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