FY18-21 Strategic Plan

A Home with no Borders

In 2017 we set out to better understand who we are, where we've been and where we're going.

In partnership with The Collective Academy, we formed a strategic plan committee made up of staff, volunteers, board members and participants past and present. Their task was to reframe our vision, mission and values and develop goals (and tactics to achieve those goals) that would strengthen our impact in the community over the next 3 years—and beyond.

This committee embraced the work at hand, investing time and energy in identifying our strengths as well as areas where we could stand to improve. The resulting strategic plan, approved by our board of directors in December 2017 gives us great reason to be excited as we work each and every day to keep our vision in focus: A home with no borders, impacting lives to create powerful communities.

Our Goals

Our strategic plan committee focused on 4 key areas to address and identified the following goals:

  • Align program resources and delivery capabilities with community needs
  • Strengthen the organization through staff development
  • Expand and diversify funding
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion are core principles within Erie House

We're just getting started with the rollout of our strategic plan, but please check back here often to see updates on our progress as we work toward a more just and inclusive society.

Why Latinx?

Our previous mission statement named "Latino families" as our primary community served. Latinx is a more inclusive term, extending welcome to women, men and gender nonconforming individuals alike.


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