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Buen HOGAR is a Latino outreach initiative of the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) with the primary goal of providing education, assistance, and outreach in the Latino community to raise awareness on CHA’s services and programs, and to promote Latino participation via a targeted marketing and communications strategy. Buen HOGAR offers Spanish-language assistance to the following:

  • CHA Residents
  • Individuals or families currently on a CHA Wait List
  • CHA Senior Housing Residents
  • Seniors currently on the CHA Wait List
  • Seniors seeking housing assistance
  • Property owners currently participating in CHA programs
  • Prospective CHA residents and property owners

Through Buen HOGAR, Erie House hopes to engage organizations in collaborating, resource sharing, and facilitating housing services to Latinos in Chicago. Erie House’s partnerships with these key players will be integral in bringing awareness of Buen Hogar's CHA Latino Outreach Initiative housing services to Latino communities across the City of Chicago.

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Please note: The focus of this program is specifically targeted toward current and prospective participants of CHA services. At this time, Buen Hogar does not offer other housing-related services such as loan modifications, refinancing, pre-purchase counseling, foreclosure housing counseling, etc. However, Buen Hogar is positioned to make referrals to other organizations that offer those services.

Community Partners



The Basics


Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm 


Erie Little Village
Erie Neighborhood House


Little Village Location
Eddy Del Real
Program Assistant
(773) 542-7617

West Town Location
Eddy Del Real
Program Assistant
(773) 542-7617


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