Health and Leadership

Super H

We want to make sure being healthy is accessible—and fun—for your kids.

Our Super H team works alongside students ages 2 to 18 in the Child Care, School-Age and YOU programs at Erie House to lay the groundwork for a lifestyle they can enjoy now and as they grow and become adults.

A holistic, activity-based curriculum will introduce and reinforce concepts related to nutrition (including learning about 24 "super foods" that are both healthy and tasty), physical fitness and self-esteem to support overall wellness.

Child Care

An outstanding group of trained, caring volunteers and interns visits our Child Care classrooms once each week during the school year. They read books that introduce kids to wellness concepts and prepare a fun, healthy snack with our children during a hands-on activity.


Students in our School-Age Program are able to participate in after-school clubs that promote fitness, nutrition and postitive self-concept. During the summer we also offer a cooking club as well as a garden club that grows fruits and veggies in our side lot.


Similar to our School-Age Program, teens in the YOU program have access to a variety of clubs and activities to help them lead healthy lives.

Please note: Your child must be enrolled in one of these programs in order to participate in our Super H activities; we do, however, offer activities for families through our Comprando Rico y Sano initiative.


The Basics


Erie Neighborhood House
Erie Community Center

Student must be enrolled at Erie House in order to participate.


Vary by program


Micaella Verro
Director of Health and Leadership
(312) 432-2212

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