School-Age Program

Health and Wellness

We want to make sure your child has the resources they need to lead a healthy, happy life. Here are some ways our School-Age Program supports wellness for kids at Erie House:

Super H
Our Super H program helps your child learn to practice better nutrition, become more active, build their self-esteem and ultimately obtain better overall wellness through a curriculum focused on super foods, exercise and educational field trips.

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Your child will have plenty of opportunity to engage in active play while at Erie House. We have everyday access to indoor and outdoor spaces that allow them to run, jump, climb and more. Some of our choice-based clubs also revolve around sports and recreation, introducing your child to new skills and fitness activities that are fun, plain and simple.

Socio-Emotional Wellbeing
We know first-hand that wellness involves body and mind, so we make sure your child's emotional needs are met as well. Our School-Age Educators strive to build positive, trust-based relationships with your kids to help them express their feelings and learn how to manage stress, anxiety and more.

On top of that, our team includes a clinical psychologist and graduate-level interns who are able to provide direct therapy and support to kids and their families. 


The Basics


Ages 5–12; household must meet income requirements and work/attend school at least 20 hrs/wk


School Year
M–F 2:00 – 6:00 pm

School Holidays & Summer Hours
M–F 7:30 am – 5:30 pm


Erie Neighborhood House
Erie Community Center
Jose De Diego Community Academy


Evelyn Corona
(312) 432-2218



Gold Circle of Quality

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