Family Programs

Supporting, strengthening and empowering the family unit is at the heart of Erie House’s mission. We provide multiple programs that empower families to overcome the challenges they face and thrive in today’s complex environment. 

Buen Hogar

Providing Chicago’s Latino residents with supportive services and access to affordable housing.

Citizenship and Immigration

Working to keep families together and achieve a greater sense of security.

Health and Leadership

Engaging parents and children to promote healthy living, self-esteem, wellness and confidence in under-served communities.

Proyecto Cuídate

Promoting healthy, united families through support and education.


  • Health and Advocacy Program

    Percentage of children (21 of 22) who recognized over 85% of super foods.


  • Health and Advocacy Program

    Number of healthy “super foods” that 80% of children enrolled reported learning about.


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